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Tire Building Machine
Tire Building Machine

We manufacture Tire Building Machines as per custmer specifications.

Automatic and semi automatic machines to suite specific customer requirements.

Two stage and unistage machines.

Product Description

Brief Introduction:
1. Servo drive is adopted for precise position of the main shaft. Linear displacement transducer is used to sense the drum's width. Servo + rack and pinion drive the transfer ring and clamping ring on the chasis. Linear displacement sensor is used to detect the location and the mechanical positioning with accurate repeatability and ensure the safety for both man and machine.
2. Main servicer and belt servicer adopt servo system and CCD auto rectifying system to realize the auto length setting, auto cutting, auto centering and auto splicing, so that the process circle time for the single tire has been minimized to 60 seconds (size 16" single carcass).
3. The cap ply winding adopts the Tension Control System which developed by our company ( applied for the national patent), the system ensures the tension of cap ply at 700± 200g and segmentation tension control is available.
4. The whole process is controlled by PLC(Programmable Logic Controller). The touch screen, human-machine interface, displays production procedure and provides processing parameter setting, sizes saving, fault diagnosing, and a convenient access to parameters and/or size changing, which is easy for you to operate.
5. Accurately machined parts give the machine good function and accuracy, as well as the guarantee of the green tire quality.
6. The production process and quality control meet ISO9001 standard.